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2 April, 23:42

In a paragraph, explain what is meant by this statement: "In Adam's fall, we sinned all." (This statement was found in the American textbook, the New England Primer, which was used to teach reading in American schools for well over 100 years.) Use complete sentences.

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  1. 3 April, 00:04
    Through Adam's sin, man became susceptible of disease and death as a punishment for his sin. He passed this condition to his children, which is the entire humankind, and now we all pay for our sins through death. We become sinners even before we were born, and of course before we could choose to sin or not, and therefore we pay for them with our immortality.
  2. 3 April, 00:07
    Explanation: Adam was the first man who, according to the Bible, was not born like all other people after him, means all of humanity, but God created him, making him from the earth and breathing into him the spirit of life. As such, he, along with his Eve, which was made of his rib, was created in the will of God, and was sinless, until disobedience and eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Thus, the first disobedience and the first sin in the history of mankind arose, and the punishment for this was the exile from paradise and the inheritance of that first sin through all generations of humanity, that is, through Adam and Eve's offspring. This means that the first sin was transmitted through all generations, and all people inherit it by birth and multiply it through life. That is how all of us were born with that original sin, which is the potential for the fall of all people that inevitably happens in our lives.
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