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5 May, 07:50

The greatest domestic program of the Eisenhower presidency involved a. airports. c. railroads. b. interstate highways. d. bus stations.

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  1. 5 May, 08:54
    All this man wanted which was " Eisenhower" was when he only wanted to have "intersecting highways" that would cross throughout the whole U. S. But thus, people were laughing at him, and due to this, this gave this man more support to do so, and now, we are living in states full of this.
  2. 5 May, 09:22
    B., Interstate highways

    Eisenhower promoted the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which created the United States' Interstate Highways. It was the largest public works program in U. S. history, providing a 41,000-mile highway system.
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