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7 November, 13:17

The counterculture that you have just studied gained momentum from the Civil Rights Movement that you studied in the last unit, musicial influence from groups such as the Beetles, and the Vietnam War. The counterculture focused on a variety of social issues at that time and can be seen in movies made about that time period and music. Using at least a 2-3 sentence response, what do you feel historians will look back upon with your generation as the social issues of your time period?

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  1. 7 November, 13:36
    A student in today's high school could argue that historians will look back on this generation as one that took a strong stance against gun violence. After the Parkland High School shooting, students all over the country demonstrated peacefully in a walk out to show their disagreement with gun control policies in the United States. This was followed up with the "March for our lives" event on March 24th of this year, advocating for stricter gun control laws.
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