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1 February, 20:57

Describe the primary goal of prohibitionists?

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  1. 1 February, 21:59
    Ban alcohol.


    Prohibitionists stemmed from the Temperance Movement, a social movement that wanted to improve the integrity and character of the nation by discouraging the "immoral" practice of drinking alcoholic beverages.

    Temperance was seen in America as early as 1737 among Native American cultures, but the mainstream effort to fully prohibit alcohol came in the late 19th/early 20th century, eventually leading to the constitutional ban on the production, sale, transport, and import of alcoholic drinks in 1920 with the 18th Amendment.

    Prohibitionists believed that restricting alcohol would improve the productivity and moral character of the nation, but in the end simply encouraged the hoarding and bootlegging of alcohol and even brought forth a lucrative black market in alcoholic beverages.
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