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13 October, 02:30

You work at a front desk of luxury hotel. Guest staying at the hotel have two options for accessing the hotel's wireless internet. the first involves a charge of $25 a day Plus Ten Cent every minute connected to the network. the second is a flat fee of $60 par day with unlimited access. how many hours would a guest who is staying at the hotel for 3 days needs to spend on the internet during that time to save money by using the second option?

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  1. 13 October, 04:22
    Figure out the difference between the two options. $60 minus $25 is $35, so you can use $35 worth of 10 cent minutes each day to have the same cost.

    I worked that out to be 350 minutes per day. Then I mulitplied it by three to make three days, and got 1050 minutes. Dividing that by 60 gave me the number of hours I'd have to use: 7.5 hours.

    So that's 7.5 hours to break even. If I use more time than that it will be cheaper to use the second option.
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