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12 December, 02:06

Kenndi has rectangluar box that is 6 cm wide, 4 cm long and 3 cm deep. How much wrapping paper will she need to cover the entire box?

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  1. 12 December, 03:57
    In this question you are finding the surface area. So first you need to classify what is the height length and width.

    6 cm - width

    4 cm - length

    3 cm - height

    Next you should draw a rectangular prism. Put the width, length and height in the according sides. After doing so you would see the faces would have the following dimensions: 24, 12 and 18. Multiply each dimension by two and you will get your surface area 108 cm squared.

    OR use the following formula: A=2 (wl+hl+hw)
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