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2 February, 10:36

If 54% of a town population received the first two polio shots and 10% of these did not receive the third, what percent of the town took all three shot?

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  1. 2 February, 11:28

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Here we know that the answer can't be higher than 54%, as this is the proportion who got the first two shots and a person can't get the third without getting the first two.

    So, from this 54%, the 10% didn't get the third shot. In other words, a tenth of this 54% didn't get the 3rd shot. Or in other form, the other 90% do got the third shot. We need to calculate the 90% of 54%.

    We do this by simply multiplying 54*0.9=48.6

    So, 48.6% of population got the 3rd shot, and 5.4% got the first 2 shots but not the 3rd.
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