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25 January, 00:00

A chef has less than 25.8 lb of rice. She takes out 5 lb to use during the day and stores the rest in containers. Each container has 2.5 lb of rice.

Let x represent the number of containers.

How many containers will she be able to put 2.5 lb of rice in?

I would prefer someone to answer that can explain why there answer is correct.

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  1. 25 January, 00:25
    The answer to this is 9 containers because 25.8 Ib - 5 Ib for what the chief took out and he put the rest in containers which is 20.8 divided by 2.5 the amount each container can carry then it equals 8.32 by you can't split the container so you have to put it into 9 of them
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