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22 April, 07:32

Peter has twice as many stickers as Joe. Joe has 40 more stickers than Emily. They have 300 Stickers altogether. How many stickers does Peter have?

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  1. 22 April, 09:17

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Equations derived from given info.

    P=2J J=E+40 P+J+E=300

    Use some substitution now.

    P=2 (E+40) J=E+40 P+J+E=300

    Substitute first and second equation into third.

    2 (E+40) + E+40+E=300 2E+80+E+40+E=300 4E+120=300 4E=180 E=45

    Emily has 45 stickers. But we want to know what Peter has.

    Use P=2 (E+40)

    P=2 (45+40) P=90+80 P=170

    Peter has 170 stickers.
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