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13 June, 01:58

Factor the polynomial using the pattern x^2-15x+54

Answers (2)
  1. 13 June, 02:23
    x = 6 x = 9, or (x-6) (x-9)

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Find factors of 54.


    2x27 ... so on


    Find out which factors add or subtract to 15, knowing that 54 is positive, the two factors have to be either both negative or positive.

    Then look at the middle number, - 15. With it being negative, both factors will be negative because it is negative.

    So, - 6+-9=-15.

    Next x^2 is actually x*x, so when you factor, one single x will go with one factor, and then you will pair the other two.
  2. 13 June, 03:15
    It would be (x-6) (x-9)

    We know that X^2 factors out to x times x

    54 could factor to 27*2, 54*1, 6*9, 3*18. You would need to find two numbers that would multiple to equal 54 and add up to equal - 15. These two numbers would be - 6 and - 9. So the answer is (x-6) (x-9)
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