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23 January, 09:01

Sandra is 4 feet tall. Pablos is 10% taller than Sandra, and Michaela is 8% taller than Pablo. Explain how to find Michaela's height with the given information. What is Michaela's approximate height in feet and inches?

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  1. 23 January, 09:22
    Since Sandra is 4 feet tall, she would be 48 inches tall. Pablo is 10%, so you would change the 10% to. 1 and multiply that with 48 inches. Which gives you 4.8, then you would add that to 48, giving the sum of 52.8 inches, and that changes so Pablo's height is 4'4" tall. Micheal is 8% taller than Pablo. You'd do the same procedure, change 8% to 0.08 and multiply that with 52.8 inches. That'll give you 4.224, so add that to 52.8 and Micheal's height would be about 57 inches, which concludes that Micheal is about 4 feet and 8 inches tall.
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