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2 August, 10:36

If the net work done on an object is zero, what can you determine about the object's kinetic energy? (A) The object's kinetic energy remains the same. (B) The object's kinetic energy is decreasing. (C) The object's kinetic energy is increasing. (D) The object's kinetic energy is zero.

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  1. 2 August, 11:13
    (D) The object's kinetic energy is zero.


    Work theory

    Work (W) is defined as the product of force F) by the distance (d) the body travels due to this force:

    W = F*d Formula (1)

    The component of the force that performs work must be parallel to the displacement.

    Kinetic Energy Theory

    Kinetic energy is the energy associated with bodies that are in motion, depends on the mass and speed of the body.

    Ek = (1/2) * m*v²

    The kinetic energy, Ek, is measured in joules (J), the mass, m, is measured in kilograms (kg) and the velocity, v, in meters / second (m / s).

    Relationship between work and kinetic energy

    A body remains at rest if the force applied is zero or if it does not move. In both cases the work will be zero.

    For work and kinetic energy to have a non-zero value, the body must be in motion.

    In other words, the work is equal to zero if there is no displacement, so its speed will be zero, the same as its kinetic energy.
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