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4 April, 00:05

Air pressure is 1.0 · 105 N/m2, air density is 1.3 kg/m3, and the density of soft drinks is 1.0 · 103 kg/m3. If one blows carefully across the top of a straw sticking up 0.100 m from the liquid in a soft drink can, it is possible to make the soft drink rise half way up the straw and stay there. How fast must the air be blown across the top of the straw?

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  1. 4 April, 00:37
    v = 27.456 m/s


    The support pressure needed of the water in the straw can be calculated by the formula

    Given that,

    P = r*g*h

    = 1000*9.8*0.05 Pa. = 490 Pa

    This pressure is compensated by 0.5*r*v^2 of the air,


    0.5*1.3*v^2 = 490

    velocity of air blown into the straw =

    v = 27.456 m/s
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