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6 June, 23:18

If 2.0J of work is done in raising a 1.5lb. watermelon, how far is it lifted?

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  1. 7 June, 00:43
    The watermelon will be lifted to 0.295 m.



    Work done on any object is the measure of force required to move that object from its original position.

    So work done can be obtained by product of force acting on that object with the displacement experienced by that object on acting of the force.

    Hence, work done = Force * Displacement.

    So here the work done is already given as 2 J and the mass of the object is given as 1.5 lb. As the object is being raised, the acceleration acting on that object will be equal to the acceleration due to gravity.

    So force acting on the object = 1.5 lb * 9.8 m/s²

    1 lb = 0.45 kg

    So 1.5 lb = 1.5 * 0.45 = 0.68 kg

    Thus, Work done = Mass * acceleration due to gravity * displacement

    2 J = 0.68*9.8*displacement

    Displacement = 2/6.762=0.295 m

    So the watermelon will be lifted to 0.295 m.
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