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Mrs. Elbaum allows students to choose where they'd like to sit while they are engaged in certain activities. The room has several different "types" of learning areas: individual desks, tables with chairs, soft seating with low lighting, etc. In this instance, Mrs. Elbaum is most clearly considering students' need to

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  1. 7 June, 05:58
    Answer: Mrs. Elbaum is letting students have their particular seats for their requirement to attain instruction and be receptive in their strength and learning form respectively


    According to the question, Mrs. Elbaum is permitting all the students to have their kind of seats as per their preference while doing class activity. This is showing that she is focusing on student's instruction reception strength and skills.

    She wants that students should respond to the instructions given by her through sitting in their particular seat as per their learning style. Different type of seat is specifying different learning ability persisted by students. Thus, they will receive and respond as per their skill and style of learning
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