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10 June, 17:14

Natural resources are: a. only desired for use in producing other goods. b. available in unlimited quantities. c. not considered scarce because no one pays for them. d. included in the category of resources called land.

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  1. 10 June, 17:46
    The only correct statement is D) Included in the category of resources called land


    Land is a natural resource, whether it is use for agriculture, for conservation purposes, for hunting game, or for appropriation and exploitation of other resources.

    All the other statements are wrong:

    A is wrong because some natural resources have value in themselves. For example, coal can be transformed to produce other things, or be extracted, and use in its pure form to produce energy. B is wrong because most natural resources are scarce: oil is scarce, natural gas is scarce, and even land itself is scarce. The planet Earth does not have unlimited dimensions. C is objectively wrong because most natural resources are exclusionary and have to be paid for. Oil has to be paid for, same thing for coal, crops grown in land, and so on. Some people might believe that natural resources are free and unlmited, but that would be a misconception.
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