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21 April, 14:45

rae yang and fan cau both wrote daibao. yang renounced her teacher and fan denounced her parents. explain one way that their action were similar and one way that their actions differed answers

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  1. 21 April, 16:14
    The similarities between the two is that they both brought their personal matters online so other people within their social group could chime into it.

    The difference relies within the perception that they created in front of the public.

    Renouncing a teacher will be considered as a positive thing. It will highlight a positive relationship between the two of them, which might socially benefited the both of them.

    Denouncing the parents on the other hand tend to bring negative perceptions to the circle. Public opinion will be divided between one group who will blame the parents for not taking care of their child properly and the others who will condemn fan disgraceful act.
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