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23 December, 23:57

A researcher compares the brain sizes of two groups of rats. Group 1 has been raised in impoverished cages with minimal access to socialization and exercise. Group 2 has been raised in enriched cages with regular access to socialization and exercise. This is best described as a study of:

A. long-term potentiation.

B. neural plasticity.

C. hemispheric lateralization.

D. synaptic reuptake.

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  1. 24 December, 01:31
    B. neural plasticity.


    Neural plasticity: The term neural plasticity is also denoted as neuroplasticity and is defined as an individual's brain capability to recognize or identify itself through forming or developing new neural connections in an individual's life. It allows the nerve cells present in the brain to recompense for diseases and injuries and therefore to manage its activities regarding new situations and hence changes in the environment.

    Example: Changes in an individual's brain size as a consequences of environmental influences.

    In the question above, the given statement is best described as a study of neural plasticity.
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