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25 December, 06:51

Kelly has just given birth to her first baby at the age of 37; her best friend, Olivia, age 26, also gave birth to her first child. What is most likely to be true for these new mothers?

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  1. 25 December, 08:40
    Olivia will probably have had an easier pregnancy and birth than Kelly


    the onset of menstrual cycle at puberty for woman shows that they are capable of getting pregnant and the stopping of its flow shows that the woman cannot get pregnant. the average range by scientist for women to get pregnant is usually around years-51 years old. as one get older year after year, the tendency to carry pregnancy have a great risk due to the fact that fertility reduces as a woman gets older.

    studies has shown that the best age to get pregnant is usually between 20-30 years and from 35 upwards, fertility drops down and risk associated with pregnancy becomes very high and also the rate of the eggs of women degenerate very fast as from the age of 32 downwards and this can lead to miscarriages and also risk of tubal disease and endometriosis.
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