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14 December, 23:58

Brenda owns a small book store that also serves as an art gallery for her artwork and that of some of her friends. While this business may never make Brenda wealthy, she admits that it has been her dream since she was an art student in college.

Brenda appears to be motivated by:

A. career consolidation.

B. status.

C. intrinsic motivation.

D. extrinsic motivation.

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  1. 15 December, 01:12
    C. intrinsic motivation.


    Intrinsic motivation: In psychology, the term intrinsic motivation is defined as the behavior of an individual that is being driven by the internal rewards. In other words, the intrinsic motivation refers to the process in which an individual's behavior is involved or engaged that comes from inside the person and often leads to satisfy him or her.

    Example: A person plays football because it satisfies him or her internally and feels accomplished.

    In the question above, Brenda appears to be motivated by intrinsic motivation.
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