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17 February, 20:21

In first grade, Scott is unfairly singled out by his teacher for bad behavior, partly because his older brothers had behavioral problems themselves. Throughout grade school, Scott gains a reputation as a "problem" child. Scott eventually drops out of school, thinking he was born to fail anyway. Which school of thought best fits Scott's experience?

a. Strain theoryb. Control theoryc. Differential associationd. Labeling theory

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  1. 17 February, 21:32
    Option d


    Labeling theory:

    This theory is based on the way of the determination of the behavior of the individuals and their identities and the influence of the terms that they have been associated or classified as on their behavior and personality.

    Thus this theory shows the negative influence of the stereotype on the people and the clashes that exist between the norms of the society and the behavior of the people.

    Thus in the case of Scott, the teachers were unfair to him based on the behavior of the Scott partly and because of the bad conduct of his elder brothers and as such after being labeled as a problem child, he drop out of the school with the negative influence that he is a failure.

    This shows what the Labeling theory explains.
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