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23 July, 21:59

The flag change of 1956 occured in Georgia while a "massive resistance" agenda was being discussed. What fueled the flag change and the "massive resistance" agenda?

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  1. 23 July, 22:17
    Desegregation in school


    The flag change of 1956 occured in Georgia, and Massive resistance was a plan directed by U. S. Senator Harry F. Byrd Sr. of Virginia and his brother-in-law who was a leader in the Virginia General Assembly whose name was James M. Thomson of Alexandria with the aim of bringing together in Accord the leaders and the white politicians in Virginia inorder to bring about the formulation of a new state law and policies to curb the Desegregation of public schools.

    The "massive resistance" agenda occur because the people believe it is a way of going against desegregation.
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