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10 June, 14:08

Rather than holding formal meetings in the board room, Kevin prefers meeting with his group over lunch at a restaurant. He feels that his group opens up more during these lunches and opinions are openly exchanged. Which style of decision making does Kevin use?

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  1. 10 June, 15:58
    Behavioral decision making.


    Behavioral decision making refers to the idea that leaders can influence the outcome of a decision or a process by influence other people's behavior. According to this concept, a leader should not only take decisions, but also must take action in a way that the behavior of the group changes in a way that benefits the whole group.

    In this example, Kevin feels that the formal enviroment of the board room stifles discussion and creativity. By meeting with his group at a restaurant, he feels the more informal setting leads to an enviroment where the behavior of the group changes: they feel more at ease, leading to a more open communication and exchange of ideas. This is an example of behavioral decision making.
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