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27 August, 19:25

Charles Berger proposes a series of axioms to explain the connection between his central concept of uncertainty and eight key variables of relationship development. According to these axioms, which of the following is most likely to reduce uncertainty?

A) similarities between persons

B) decreases in nonverbal warmth

C) lack of shared communication networks

D) low levels of intimacy

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  1. 27 August, 21:17
    Answer: A.) Similarities between persons

    Explanation: According to Berger's axiom, similarity between persons often reduces uncertainty about the individual's behavior. This concept aims to establish a connection between the central concept of uncertainty and the key variables of relationship development. When meeting an individual for the first time, the behavior or attitude of such person is relatively unknown, however, according to Berger's axiom of similarity, if such unknown individual shows similarity with a previous known individual with known character, the doubt on such decreases. Failure to establish similarity between person increases reasons to doubt such individuals character as varying Explanations begin to develop.
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