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13 December, 12:31

While observing a sedimentary rock outcrop, you note that majority of the material cemented in the stratigraphic unit is gravel-cobble in size, but poorly sorted and angular. From these basic observations, what can you infer about the depositional environment represented by the sedimentary characteristics?

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  1. 13 December, 13:08
    Answer:located near the headwaters of a stream or where a mountain stream flows out onto a valley floor.


    High energy transporting medium is required for sediments to be transported such as a rapid stream flow. Large boulders can be transported when there are floods but can never be transported too far and they are usually deposited closer to the source. The sedimentary rocks that are formed from sediments that did not travel longer distances tend to have poorly sorted and angular particles due to the fact that they have not been reworked and got well sorted. Such as where there is a constant wave action you are most likely to find silt and clay because they are constantly reworked and well sorted by the wave action.
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