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14 December, 11:41

1. what gender lead the progressive movement?

2. describe why this gender lead this movement?

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  1. 14 December, 12:10
    1. Women led the progressive movement you can also research Hull houses which began in Chicago. The progressive movement also led to prohibition (ban of alcohol).

    2. Women led this movement because they began to see the inequality within the system. Women started to demand more rights and later this progressed to the formations of unions for the example the union of the triangle shirtwaist factory. Women who worked there demanded less hours and better working conditions. However, the union never got recognition. A year later there was a fire in the shirtwaist factory in which 146 women died out of 500. Had they demanded to be recognized as a union they could've further their rights to demand safer working conditions. So many women died bc the fire escape was locked to keep them from "leaving or stealing" during work and the other exit was blocked by fire.
  2. 14 December, 12:46
    1. Women led the movement.

    2. They were the ones most outraged by what they saw in factories and the like.
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