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22 December, 19:00

At a particular college, 78% of all students are receiving some kind of financial aid. The school newspaper selects a random sample of 100 students and 72% of the respondents say they are receiving some sort of financial aid. Which of the following is true? (a) 78% is a population and 72% is a sample. (b) 72% is a population and 78% is a sample. (c) 78% is a parameter and 72% is a statistic. (d) 72% is a parameter and 78% is a statistic. (e) 78% is a parameter and 100 is a statistic.

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  1. 22 December, 20:32
    (c) 78% is a parameter and 72% is a statistic

    Step-by-step explanation:

    78% of students are receiving financial aid.

    Number of samples selected = 100

    72% of the sample selected are receiving financial aid.

    The population is a made up of all the individuals we want to collect information from (the students of a particular college)

    The part of the population from which sample are taken is called the sample.

    78% describes the entire population while 72% describes the sample (100 students)

    A parameter is a descriptive measure for a population while a statistic is a descriptive measure for a sample. Therefore

    78% is a parameter while 72% is a statistic (C)
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