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25 December, 20:12

A parallel-plate capacitor has area A and plate separation d, and it is charged to voltage V. Use the formulas from the problem introduction to obtain the formula for the energy U of the capacitor

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  1. 25 December, 21:27
    U = (ε0AV^2) / 2d


    Where C = capacitance of the capacitor

    ε0 = permittivity of free space

    A = cross sectional area of plates

    d = distance between the plates

    V = potential difference

    First, the capacitance of a capacitor is obtained by:

    C = ε0A/d.

    Starting at the formula, U = (CV^2) / 2. Formula for energy stored in a capacitor

    Substitute in for C:

    U = (ε0A/d) * V^2 / 2


    U = (ε0AV^2) / 2d
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