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8 June, 14:22

Seventeen-year-old Ursa develops an interest in astronomy. If she is in Super's specification stage of career development, her next step would most likely involve:

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  1. 8 June, 15:19
    signing up for a course in basic astronomy.


    Super was the most representative developmental author in career development studies. The researcher elaborated his premises through empirical investigations for about 40 years. Accompanied the career path of young people between 14 and 15 years old until 25 years old, through a longitudinal study started in 1951

    According to Super's theory of development, when Ursa developed an interest in astronomy, she was at the stage called specification; the subject evaluates her values and opportunities in context, committing herself to a professional preference. Bear's next stage is called implementation or realization, which is characterized by effective career-related actions, such as starting a course or an undergraduate degree or entering the job market.
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