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5 February, 09:57

The IT team is updating the company firewall application. The project includes creating a duplicate firewall for testing. The testing process took one day. A code review to verify that the update was safe also took one day. Once testing was complete the live firewall was updated and functioning within two hours. The IT manager has been asked to justify the cost of creating a duplicate firewall and the time to test it. Which is the most appropriate explanation?

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  1. 5 February, 11:22
    There needed to be a copy firewall in case the firewall got corrupt in the process.


    Creation of a firewall is a long and complicated process that requires a lot of funds and intellectual capacity of the It firm to be put in.

    It is also vital to keep updating it as well to keep their systems up to date.

    For such an often urgent problem there has to be a backup ready in the case that the computer does not actually accept the firewall or there is some issue in the installation in which case they need a safe to fall back on to save eventual time.
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