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1 August, 10:54

What does it mean to be at the bottom - - culturally, socially, politically, and economically? Explain in detail. What does it mean to feel "invisible" in the United States? In what ways is Tammy Crabtree invisible, and to whom?

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  1. 1 August, 12:28
    The idea of being at the "bottom" is one derived from the concept of social hierarchy. In a social hierarchy, certain groups in society are considered valuable and admired (at the top) while others are often ignored, abused, or rejected (at the bottom). In our society, this is usually related to the socio-economic position an individual has. Therefore, people at the "bottom" can often feel "invisible." They feel that the government, as well as social institutions, care little about their interests and needs.

    Tammy Crabtree can be seen as an example of this. She is likely to feel invisible, as very few people care about her plight. She works far from her house, for a very low wage, and feels unable to improve her future.
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