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How did religion affect daily life for the Israelites

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    Israelite society was based upon the covenant with God, as set forth in the Torah. There was always a learned class among the Israelites, and virtually all men and boys (and a good percentage of women) could read and write. A portion of each day was spent praying, and another, larger part of the day, was spent studying Torah (by a good part of the populace). Religious questions (and torts) were brought to one of the many Rabbis or Jewish courts. Having a large family was an ideal, as was welcoming guests into the home, giving charity, and other forms of kindness. A portion of crops were given to the poor. The calendar year was replete with the Sabbaths and festivals; and blessings were said before and after eating and on many other occasions. In brief, there was no such thing as a secular part of life, since the Torah's laws cover every form of activity, including business.

    This was copied from Dan Galilee on another site.
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